Friday, 18 January 2013

Project Life Week 33

I was lucky in the summer to get free tickets to 2 BBC events at the festival. The first was to see Alex Horne talk to Christopher Broomyre. I really enjoy Alex's comedy on the radio so I was excited to see him live. The show was great & my friend loved it too, we both laughed a lot. It was a beautiful day so we didn't mind sitting in the BBC Fringe venue to wait for the show to begin & afterwards we went for froyos (frozen yogurt). We went for three toppings, my friend had a chocolate combo with brownie pieces, smarties & chocolate drops, I went for fresh strawberries, mini mallows & cookie pieces. Walking back to the car we got several enquiries where we bought them they looked so good!

Other events I chose to highlight for week 33 include placing my photo order, the arrival of scrapbbok supplies from a brilliant sale,  finishing work on our Disneyland album & showing it to my parents.